Gay Chickens

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and it’s been a while since I came back into the fold as a Christian. A lot has happened in the last 6 or 7 months, but the main thing is that I’ve been reading my bible…a lot! The more I read, the more I understand, and the more I understand, the more questions I still have. As is often the case in my life, I have more questions than answers, but I’m lucky to have a few key people in my life who have really helped me along this journey. I find myself quite torn though as we gear for good ol’ election season, and now apparently chicken sandwiches are all the rage when it comes to making a political or social statement. A good portion of the Christian community can be found on the right side of politics, right as in direction, not necessarily correct. Most of the more vocal Christians love their guns, hate their gays, despise abortion, and think that removing the word god from anything government related is blasphemy.

In my previous life as an agnostic, border line atheist, I used to think to myself, “Self, what the hell is wrong with these people? Why can’t they vote with their brain, rather than with their gut, or heart, or whatever body part is making them moronic?” Now that I’m on the Christian side of the fence, I find myself still asking the same question. Why can’t people vote based on political issues rather than personal issues? I personally, and this is just me, think whatever you want, believe that abortion is murder. I thought it when I was a teenager, I thought it when I was an agnostic 20 something, and I think it now that I’m an almost 30 year old Christian. I’ve seen how early the fetus gets a heart beat. I know how quickly it goes beyond just cells into a recognizable human form. I believe that life begins at conception. But that is MY belief. That is why when all 3 of our children came as total surprises, 2 of which at the worst of circumstances for us, we didn’t even consider abortion. I also just believe that if you make your bed, you lay in it. Don’t want to deal with abortion issues? Then don’t have sex. That seems easy enough. Nevertheless, even though I’ve always believed this, I’ve never once voted Republican. Why is that you might be asking? Let’s examine, shall we?

Roe Vs Wade destroyed laws in the bulk of the US that were outlawing abortion. It is the single most critical point in the battle for or against abortion. Many voters I’ve spoken with in recent years have voted Republican on a platform of “family values” and have used terms such as “The Abortion President” to describe people like President Obama. Ah, but history tells us of a different tale. In Roe V Wade the Supreme Court voted 7-2 in favor of it. Of the 7, 5 were Republican appointed conservative justices. That means that even if you took out the Democratic appointed justices, or even if they had opposed it, an all Republican appointed majority would have passed it. Furthermore, 1 of the 2 dissenters was actually a liberal judge appointed by none other than JFK! The truth is that every presidential candidate in the last 20 years knows that this is a hot button, and if you get people emotional enough, they get illogical. That’s why lower income families who would benefit from the bulk of the democratic platform vote for rich, elitist Republicans who want nothing more than to keep the poor, poorer! But say the word abortion and everyone forgets that fact.

If you’re waiting and hoping for a president to come in and overturn a supreme court ruling that is decades old, you’d better check your old social studies books. The president can’t simply do that. Where their real power is, is in appointing judges to the Supreme Court who could help fuel the cause. But as we figured out already, Supreme Court judges appointed by Republicans drafted this tasty dish that Republicans now use as a hot button issue to ignite their voter base!

And what of the gay marriage issue? does it make me insensitive if I say I really don’t care? Because that’s the truth of the matter. I don’t care if gays and lesbians get married, and I don’t care if they don’t get married. No more than I care if a random coworker marries some woman he met at a club. It just doesn’t affect me. When I hear people rambling on and on about how it erodes the sanctity of marriage, or somehow devalues it for the rest of us to see two guys at the altar, I just get lost. What are you talking about? I’ve been married for years and years, and in that time plenty of gays have gotten married, and yet my marriage remains as strong as ever. And crappy marriages that existed before mine are still crappy! Or divorced…either way. It doesn’t change anything for anyone if two guys, or two women get married, unless you’re one of the two. It makes sense for gays an lesbians to get so fired up about it. That’s what the opposed do, right? If I tell my son not to do something, he wants to do it even more. Tell a group of people that they can’t do something that others can, be that run for office, get married, use a drinking fountain, vote, or piss standing up, and they’ll fight you for that right. We crave equality. Correction, we despise inequality as it relates to us. We always want to make sure we have every opportunity that everyone else has, even if we have no intention of ever using that opportunity. Do you really think that everyone who is trumpeting the issue of gay marriage has a partner that they are ready to marry right now? They may or may not even be dating anyone. But if you tell them that they’re forbidden that opportunity, they’ll fight for it. Even if they never use it. Ever hear people say that if you legalize pot, people will smoke it less? Or when you turn 21 your drink less? These things are all true, and I’ll bet if you legalize gay marriage, a good portion of the people demanding the right, won’t exercise that right. And if they do? Great! Those of us on the hetero side of the fence sure as hell can’t seem to get it right! We have a divorce rate close to 50%. Let’s let someone else have a shot and see if they can make this work.

If my wife were spending her nights campaigning against gay marriage, I’d probably start getting lonely. Then I’d start getting resentful. Then I’d start getting angry. You see where this is going. Rather than spending your time trying to prevent others from getting married, spend your time strengthening your own marriage! You believe God intended marriage for a man and a woman? Well how are you honoring that unity by ignoring and going out trying to prevent others from living their own lives? How are you honoring God by ignoring the needs of your spouse? How are you defending God’s word when you’re ignoring the very premise of Christianity, which is that none of us can judge. There is only one who can judge us. YOU’RE NOT RIGHTEOUS! The very book that you are basing your arguments, your beliefs, and your life on will tell you that. The son of the deity that you worship had to be nailed to a cross because you are unholy and you really think you have room to judge others?

Instead of campaigning, or picketing, or protesting, just stay home. Cook dinner for your family. Watch a movie together. Pray together. Laugh together. Hell, make love together. Do all of the things that would honor a union that you believe to be between your spouse, and God. Don’t ignore that union by fulfilling some selfish need to be self-righteous and pompous. Let he who is without sin throw the first stone. Until that day, just shut the hell up. You’re as broken as anyone. And so am I. I don’t have an inch in which I could judge another person. I spent the better part of my life trying to disprove the one who made me! Let the gays get married, I’ve got my own iniquities to worry about.

So I think the COO of Chick Fil-A should have kept his mouth shut. He doesn’t like gay marriage? Super duper. He should have kept it internal. But he didn’t. So now everyone with a rainbow flag and a facebook page is speaking out against the restaurant. Will that do anything? No. Will that make gay marriage legal? No more than his statement made it illegal. Will it change his mind? No. What it will do is give an already divided nation, yet another center of gravity with which to polarize itself. But c’mon everyone. The guy makes a damn fine chicken sandwich. Let it go. Have you seen Dave Thomas? Or Colonel Sanders? Take one look and tell me that they weren’t probably uber conservative? I’m guessing the Colonel probably dropped an N-Bomb or two in his day. Hell Papa John himself may be pro abortion. The brothers who started Pizza Hut might support stem cell research. Whatever mad genius started Culvers could be a scientologist for all we know. WHO CARES???? If you dig deep enough, you will find reasons to hate all of these companies. It’s corporate America!

Well, that’s my rant about a million things at once. Good night all.

The Psychopath


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