Why Occupy Wall Street Will Fail

So the Occupy movement has been cropping up in cities around the nation, and now they’re claiming to be in unison with protests happening around the world. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone has been able to convince the protestors that what they’re trying to accomplish is impossible, and also a waste of everyone’s time and money. Now we have to acknowledge that the Occupy movement has no centralized leadership or spokesperson so you can’t nail down their list of objectives, and say why each one will fail or succeed. Collectively they’ve listed off thousands of demands that range from somewhat reasonable to outright insane. As a whole their general goal is simple, to have the 99% controlling themselves, and to eliminate corporate greed.

If you’re not laughing at them already, please begin now. They want to eliminate corporate greed by simply gathering, occupying, and drawing attention to their “cause.” While I think that most people in America would agree that eliminating corporate greed is a good idea, I don’t think that anyone has really stopped to think about the result of doing such a thing. As much as we all hate to admit it, greed is the driving force behind all innovation, advancement, and essentially the one thing propping up our entire lifestyle here in America. Let’s take the protestors themselves as an example. Greed is just a more advanced case of selfishness, and is there anything more selfish than shirking your responsibilities, jobs, families, etc and going to “occupy” some place in the name of some self-righteous cause? Rather than just staying home, trying to participate in local politics, and causes that they could actually have a chance of impacting, they decide to go for their 15 minutes, and do something that is nothing more than a dog and pony show.

Let’s say that some of the most influential and powerful people on Wall Street finally conceded. Let’s say they finally crumbled under the oh so difficult stress of slightly delayed subways, excess loiterers, and camera crews hanging about. Let’s say the heads of some of the largest corporations wanted to sit down and talk it out with the protestors to hear their ideas, and implement some of their practices. Who are they going to sit down with? OWS has no leadership. You can’t hold any type of constructive meeting with thousands of people and a few CEO’s, it would just be chaos. You need representation, that’s the entire idea behind our democracy. You elect someone to represent your interests, and go to bat with you, but OWS can’t do that. The moment they do elect someone to sit down in that meeting on their behalf, they have just gone against their very mantra. The 1% is now speaking for the 99% again, while fighting the 1% controlling the 99%. Ah, logic bomb!

But let’s ignore that for right now and move on to eliminating corporate greed. Say hello to the downfall of the entire world economy, as well as all luxuries that we have come to enjoy. Sure, OWS is quick to talk about living a simpler life where we all look out for one another, and live humble lives without all of the luxuries, but where are they when we revert back to a almost tribal like society. That seems to be who they envy most by all of the rhetoric I’ve found on their website. You’ve got your medicine man, your baker, your carpenter, and so on. Everyone working to help one another and life is just perfect. Guess what, you don’t need to dismantle Wall Street or the big bad corporations to live like that. Grab your thousands of people huddled in NYC right now, pool all of your money and believe me you’ll have enough to collectively buy a large plot of land, and start up your utopian society. Live on your own, then we won’t have to listen to your shit anymore or pay the almost $17 million pricetag that your protests now boast.

The only reason that corporate greed will even affect you is if you WANT to be a part of the corporate landscape. That’s what these people are really bitching about. They don’t want to do away with corporate greed, they want to simply take those that they deem to be overpaid and bloated and strip them of their lifestyles. While I’ll admit that there are those who are taking ridiculous salaries, and bonuses while others in their organizations suffer, or even while the American people suffer, that is just human nature, not corporate nature. You’ve had people like this since the dawn of time. Go back through history and look at every empire since the dawn of recorded history and you always have 1% controlling 99%. Do you know why? Because we, the 99% demand it! We are afraid, we are unoriginal, we are weak!

No one wants to admit it, but we don’t want to have all the control in our lives. When you have all of the control, you have no safety net. Your failures are all your own. I work for a large company because frankly I don’t want the responsibility of running my own company. I don’t want to be in charge, to make decisions at that level. I want someone else to guide the ship, while I simply row my oar. I don’t have to know where I’m rowing to, I just know that if I keep rowing, I’m given my pay, sent back to my home, and back to my family. This is the case for most of us, 99% of us. The 1% are the dreamers, the innovators, and the greedy. They are the ones blazing the trail while we merely walk the line behind them. The 99%, the protestors, all of us, are merely cowards. If these protestors weren’t cowards they would have gone off the grid long ago, it’s really not that difficult and then they’d never have to participate in this oh so corrupt system again.

Corporate America knows this! That’s why OWS will fail, because their opposition knows that they’re all hot air. Just hypocrites making a lot of noise. I shall just patiently wait until this entire movement fizzles, like so many before it, and we are back to our normal everyday lives. The lives that we have chosen, and continue to choose every day that we wake up to them. Simply acknowledge it, accept the truth, and you’ll find it so much easier to just not give a shit where the boat is going. To not care whether the captain is embezzling funds from the bullion chests. To not worry about anything more than what it will take to get you back to your family, and what really matters at the end of the day.

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