The Psychopath’s Guide To Survival Pt 1

Chances are good that many of you out there are stocking up on some type of emergency provisions. Maybe that’s a flashlight and some batteries. Maybe it’s bottled water and canned goods. Maybe it’s just a bible and good intentions. In some way or another we’re all preparing for some type of emergency or disaster. What’s my stockpiling strategy? Bullets.

If REAL disaster strikes and there is a breakdown of basic public services, or a breakdown of the justice system then I want bullets, and as many of them as I can carry. Well, rather as many of them as me and my family can carry. I’ll be duct taping magazines to my kids jacket if that’s what it takes. Would I want water? Sure. Food? Hell yeah. Medicine? Yep, that sounds nice too. But I’m thinking in terms of an absolute emergency. Time enough to grab one thing and bolt. I’m grabbing all of the ammo I can and getting the hell out of dodge. Here’s my thinking…

In the movies, you always see people grouping together in times of need. They help each other out, rely on each other, and pool their resources. I’m not doing that! Movies end after 2 hours with a happy ending. Real life doesn’t. Chances are good that if you get enough people in one area you’ll all die. The bigger your camp becomes, the harder it is to move. That means that you’re now forced to bring supplies back to one area, as opposed to being nomadic and following your provisions. This also means that if there are people out there who need supplies, you’re a pretty big, and therefore easy to hit target. Eventually what will probably happen is that your little camp will grow as quickly as the supply of provisions nearby decreases. You’ll eventually tap the entire area and that leaves you two choices. Move a large amount of people through an increasingly dangerous area, or start turning on each other. Knowing human nature, I’m guessing that the second will turn out to be true. Stress will only compound everyone’s needs, and frustrations, and things will quickly ignite.

That’s why I’ll be on the outside. My family and I will not join with anyone, we will not help anyone, and we will avoid EVERYONE! If it comes down to all out survival (I mean the country has completely fallen into chaos), then I’m going to keep my family as isolated as possible, while taking everything I can from others around me. That’s why I want bullets. It’s way easier for me to steal your bottled water with a gun in my hand, then to try to steal someone’s gun with a bottle of water. It’s also much easier for me to find food when I can just kill nearby wildlife. I need medicine? Well that should be easy to steal after I unload several rounds into a nearby red cross truck. In fact, I can’t think of any supplies that I would need, that I wouldn’t be able to steal. I’ll never understand why anyone would band together in a time of crisis. That just increases your chances of being screwed over, which is the most probable outcome when dealing with human beings.

This is all assuming that society has completely collapsed. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to get on the move, and stay on the move until law and order has been restored. However, if it’s just a small catastrophe that we’re talking about, it could be another story all together. If there is still some level of law enforcement, then you may be better off hunkering down. In that case you would definitely want to have a stockpile of provisions. You’ll want to board up the house, turn off the lights (assuming they still work), keep quiet, and hope that looters, rioters, and other parasites avoid your home. If not, then still resort to plan A and keep a nice cache of ammunition on hand. In this scenario it would be fairly easy to defend against a few poorly organized, and greedy looters. In the first scenario, with a complete breakdown, you have way too many desperate people. You’ll run out of bullets before the world runs out of hungry mouths knocking at your door. That’s why the nomadic strategy works best in that case.

So plan for both, and hope for neither. Keep a box of extra clothes (for all seasons, and all members of the family) around at all times. Remember that if you have kids you’ll have to change out their clothes in the box every year so that they don’t outgrow them. If at all possible, buy everyone a well made hiking pack in case you have to hoof it. Plan for at least one firearm and one knife per person. More if they can handle the weight. BULLETS, BULLETS, BULLETS, BULLETS! Pack light, non-perishable food. Crackers work awesome for this. They’re full of carbs so they’ll give you energy, they weigh nothing, and they also have lots of salt in case you’re outside and sweating a lot, you’ll need some salt put back in your system. Dehydrated fruit is a good one too. Bite size, easy to store, kids like it, nutritious, and again full of carbs.

Don’t forget the usual stuff like a first aid kit (make your own, the store bought ones aren’t great), batteries, flashlight, etc. Do NOT take lighter fluid. I see this listed on a lot of “survival” lists. I don’t know why. If you need to make a fire you’ll have plenty of kindling in the wild, and really you’re just carrying around a large quantity of flammable liquid in a possibly hostile environment. I only see bad things in that future.

Another thing you don’t see on many lists is a tactical vest for everyone in your family. It sounds a bit odd but it makes a lot of sense. A good tactical vest will have enough modular storage on it to almost double what you can carry. Ammunition, supplies, equipment, can all be strapped right on. Also many of them have drag handles in case you have to drag one of your party. It’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to drag them than to carry them depending on their size and you may not have the supplies to built any type of rack or cot to carry them on. Also, many tactical vests can hold metal plates similar to what the military wear in order to protect you from bullets. Those will add a lot of weight though so be careful.

Pack something to do! If you’re hunkered down, or if you’re wandering the wilderness, you’re going to have lots of downtime. Pack something quiet but entertaining. it could be as simple as a pad and a pen, or maybe some cards, or a simple game, but bring something along. Boredom will drive you crazy, increase tensions, and when you’re stressed you’ll be less apt to handle a dangerous situation in a logical way.

My last piece of advice on survival for tonight is to stay together. Never utter the phrase, “you stay here, I’ll check it out.” That’s idiotic. Take people with you. Take help. This way you’ll never get separated, or lost, and if you run into trouble, having more people on your side is only beneficial. Don’t be a hero. Just because you leave them behind doesn’t mean that even WORSE danger might not come upon them wherever you left them. Just stay together. In the end, you’ll probably prefer to live or die together, than to do either apart.

All of this has been based on information that I’ve collected, and theoretical situations that my wife and I have come up with. None of it has been tested, thankfully, but it’s a starting point for you to devise your own plan for survival.

Until Next Time
The Psychopath


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One response to “The Psychopath’s Guide To Survival Pt 1

  • Andrew Hageman

    I love it!
    Most of the people in the mountains of New Hampshire are already prepared in this way, tactical vest and all. It is a seriously conservative position. My dad thinks he can hunker down in Western NE and be fine. Perhaps he’s right. He’s far enough from any serious transportation route, and there no reason to go there unless of course people heard that there was a base there.

    Many of your Plan A tactics are mirrored by groups who are currently hunted all over the planet, but also by the special forces (SEALS, Green Beret, etc). Small, agile, independent, etc.

    You forgot to mention that it would be wise to train your body and mind through various exercises. It would be very beneficial to know hand-to-hand combat (which automatically recreates you in top physical condition). If a person sneaks up behind you and puts a choke on you, you could pass out before you can pull the trigger. It’s good to know how to respond by breaking their joints or jaw. These skills help you sleep better and approach unarmed strangers with confidence. Of course, you could just shoot them, but even if you have more bullets than you can carry, you’ll need to conserve ammo. As for your mind, the deck of cards will not suffice. A meditative exercise or spiritual practice would help deal with all the stress and maintain a clear mind through the chaos that surrounds. Only the families that had such an activity survived through the last nomadic phase. I’m sure it will be similar next time around.

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