The Pyschopath’s Guide To Women Pt 2

For this post it isn’t so much of a guide as it is a list of things that are, and aren’t, sexy in a woman. Of course I believe that every woman’s goal in life should be to be attractive in my eyes. I assume that you all are striving for that already since I’m such a desirable male. 😉 Well at any rate, even if you’re not trying to get the psychopath into your bed, the majority of men think along similar lines, and most of these items are things that have been agreed upon by men that I know.

1. Sweatpants aren’t sexy…Comfortable, perhaps, but almost sickening to look at.
2. Snowboots aren’t sexy
3. The 80’s, and 99% of clothes worn within the decade, aren’t sexy
4. Curves are sexy
5. Fat isn’t
6. Having a similar body to a 13 year old boy isn’t sexy
7. Plastic jewelry isn’t sexy (see item 3)
8. A few well placed, understated pieces of jewelry (preferably of a precious metal) are sexy
9. The ability to have a conversation is sexy
10. Whining about everything isn’t sexy
11. Being able to hang with the guys is sexy
12. Refusing to try 11 isn’t sexy
13. Valentine’s day isn’t sexy, it’s an annoyance
14. Leaving romantic notes in a backpack, glovebox, or on a pillow is sexy
15. Too much makeup is definitely not sexy. When in doubt, opt for less!
16. Jealousy isn’t sexy
17. Complaining about something without attempting change isn’t sexy
18. Wearing baggy clothes to hide your body (be it large or small) isn’t sexy
19. Wearing clothes that are way too tight isn’t sexy
20. Find clothes that fit, and flatter, your body type.
21. Asking a guy’s opinion is sexy
22. Requiring his opinion to be a compliment isn’t sexy
23. Smoking, albeit completely unhealthy, is sexy.
24. Playing sports, or any competitive activity, without hesitation is sexy.
25. Confidence is SEXY!!!

Number 25 is the most important of this list. Did you ever know a girl who wasn’t super attractive, or all that smart, and on the surface just didn’t seem like a catch, yet every guy wanted her? I’ve known many. they usually do as they please, wear what they want, say what they want, and get any guy that they want. Why? Confidence. These are the ladies that other women are looking at and thinking, “Cocky, bitch.” yes, that cocky bitch is going to get whatever she wants in life because she has the balls (forgive the phrasing) to go out and get it. She’s not standing on the sidelines, or ever thinking that she’s not good enough for something. She doesn’t doubt her abilities in anything! It’s all in the way you carry yourselves ladies.

I was at a water park yesterday and you’ll never see this in action more than at a water park. Seeing how a woman carries herself in a swimsuit, and also which swimsuit she chooses, will tell you TONS about who she is as a person. Your eye naturally gets drawn to the woman who is walking with a confident stride, shoulders back, head up, and a look that says, “Fuck you, I look good.” Then you have the woman who is so scared that people are seeing any bit of her skin, that she’s doing everything she can to cover it all up. Usually in the process she’s amplifying the problem that she’s trying to hide.

An experiment for all of my female readers, all 3 of you. Find a guy in your life that you trust, it doesn’t have to be someone that you’re involved with romantically. Ask him a single question, “How do you perceive my own view of myself?” Be prepared for an answer that’s less than flattering, and encourage him to be honest. Don’t get hurt feelings, don’t make him feel bad, don’t punish the poor bastard for telling you the truth that you asked for to begin with. I tell my wife the truth all of the time and while it’s not always the easiest thing to hear, I’m sure, it’s better than a lie.

When you walk outside in the morning you should think to yourself that you are gorgeous, capable, interesting, and a pleasure for anyone to know. If you don’t think this about yourself then you need to change something. Ask others for advice on this. I give my wife advice on this all of the time. It’s not always about fashion either. Sometimes it’s about how she comes off to other people in certain situations. Sometimes we’re not aware that we’re projecting a lack of confidence. Believe me, if you start to act confident long enough, you’ll start to feel more confident. Once you feel confident, then it’s pretty crazy how much the world opens up for you.

Until next time
Fathomless Regression
(the psychopath)


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I am a musician, writer, painter, brother, husband, and father. I have more questions about life than I do answers, and spend the majority of my time exploring the infinite number of possibilities that exist. This is accomplished through my art, music, writing, and most of all through conversation. View all posts by fathomlessregression

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