The Psychopath’s Guide To Revenge

So I just watched Law Abiding Citizen. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Gerard Butler, and Jamie Foxx for that matter. I am disappointed with the ending and find it hard to believe that it would have ended that way, and that Gerard’s character wouldn’t have ended up succeeded with his masterpiece of murder. But I digress. After the movie was over, of course my wife and I were discussing it and how we would react in a similar situation.

As anyone who has been following this blog already knows, I live for my family. That’s not just a figure of speech as some people treat it. NO, I literally live for my family. They are the only reason I live each day in a world that I generally dislike and don’t understand. I don’t care about career, education, friends, personal or social betterment, or any sort of conquest. I wake up each day, and tolerate all of the other aspects of my life as a facility for the furthering of my family. A few friends have posed the question to me before, “If you live for your family what happens if you lose them?” I tend to avoid answering the question because it will lead to a very awkward conversation that I don’t feel like having. The answer is simple, if I lose my family then I am lost.

So as we’re discussing the movie I told my wife that I would react in the same way as Gerard’s character in the movie. I wont’ spoil too much of it for you, but his wife and daughter are both raped and murdered and the man responsible goes free. Gerard then kills him and all associated. You have to understand the mentality of a man who lives solely for his family to understand and appreciate this situation. If you lose your family, you lose everything. Every reason you had to live, every reason you had to possibly care about the laws and restrictions of the world. At that point, murdering those who are responsible for stealing your family from you seems entirely logical.

I wrote a song for my son the day after he was born, and in I say that I’d “burn the world down if it’s caught between you and me.” Let’s avoid the grammatical error and look at the message. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s not poetic license, it’s not metaphor. I would literally eradicate anyone or anything that stood between my family and I. That could be an intruder in our home, a murder who takes them from me, or any number of situations that I’ve feared in my head. This is the only logical consequence for trying to take a man’s family from him. You destroy those who are trying to take your family away. What else could you do? Some would say forgiveness I suppose, but that’s between the offender’s and the deity of their choice. I don’t have the ability to forgive offenses like that, as emotionally immature as that may sound. Again, when you live for your family, and someone takes that from you, it’s as if someone stole your oxygen, or as if someone is trying to drown you. If a man is holding you under water, to you lie back and accept it, with forgiveness in your heart? Or do you fight back? If you’re like me, then you fight back, and drown him in the process.

Fathomless Regression
(the psychopath)

Watch the movie. It’s good, not great.


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