Sick Puppy

My puppy has been at the vet for about 24 hours. She had started acting strange a few days ago and was vomiting a lot. Then she refused to eat anything. Finally she stopped taking water. We took her into the vet and he said he could feel something lodged in her intestine. So they did surgery last night and found a chewed up sock in there. The problem is that while her intestine was trying to pass the sock it tore some holes in it’s lining. Those holes began leaking bile into her body. Now her system is trying to fight off infection from all of that bacteria. We’re about 18 hours in and the vet said if she can pull through the first 48 hours then we’ll be alright.

If you know my history with pets then you know I’ve had some bad luck. Our first dog got hit by a car outside of the vets office at age 4. Our second dog ran away when my daughter opened the back door. Our 4th dog died mysteriously in her kennel one night. Still no explanation to that one. Now this is our 5th. Our 3rd is still going strong actually. She’s our trooper.

Here’s hoping that the next thirty hours are good ones.

Fathomless regression
(the rambler)


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