Holiday work load

When you’re in sales you don’t have overtime. That is toveay you’re expected to work all of the time so there is up technical overtime. Over the course of the month I’ve been putting in heavy hours trying to really make the end of the year very profitable. It worked. I’ve had my second best month ever, and don’t mind the extra cash coming in but it’s really wearing on me. I’m exhausted and miss my family. It’s really taking it’s toll on my daughter. She’s been so sad that she hasn’t been seeing me much. It’s a tough spot to be in. On one hand, we could use the extra money, on the other hand my daughter doesn’t care about that and 5 years from now I don’t want her to remember this as the Christmas when daddy was gone. Growl.

Fathomless Regression
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2 responses to “Holiday work load

  • Goulet

    I hear you there Luke! When I was alive and in the “biz” I was away constantly. Little Punky Brewster (my cat) was always by herself. I felt bad, but I always had a Diablo Martini for comfort. I couldn’t help but have a devil of a good time. Goulet!

  • Joe Gilder

    Tell you what. Just give me the cash. It’s guilt money anyway. 😉

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