A night to remember (or wish I could)

September 11th, 2009

3:00pm – go to friend’s house to meet up
3:15pm – leave friend’s house to pick up another friend
4:00pm – with 3 of us in the car, we set out for Indianapolis
4:45pm – get pulled over for speeding
5:00pm – get let off with a warning
6:30pm – arrive at venue, get told that the club isn’t open yet and they won’t let us in
6:40pm – arrive at bar down the street from venue, drink 2 beers each, buy cigarettes
7:00pm – arrive back at venue, show is supposed to start at 7:00pm
7:05pm – buy a round of beers and double shots of tequila
8:05pm – show hasn’t started yet
8:10pm – friend announces that he is buying us 15 beers, right now
8:17pm – beers arrive, beer to people ratio at our table now reaches 5 to 3
8:30pm – upon realization of beer to people ratio I announce that we’ll probably be sleeping in the car tonight
9:00pm – beers are surprisingly starting to dwindle, show is beginning with opening act
9:30pm – opening act has finished sucking
10:00pm – 2nd opening act begins sucking, but less than the previous act, beers are almost gone, shots ordered

**Memories begin to get fuzzy, filled in by random pictures, and stories gathered from witnesses**

10:30pm – Marcy Playground (the band we came to see) finally goes on
11:00pm – still getting face rocked off by Marcy Playground, order another BUCKET of beers
11:30pm – shockingly the beers are already gone, and so are the cigarettes
12:00pm – standing around, waiting to meet the band, face has been completely rocked off
12:30pm – still standing around, waiting to meet the band, meet interesting person named Troy
12:45pm – decline beer offering from friends
01:30am – band is finally done signing autographs and we arrange to meet
02:00am – blank memory
02:30amish – fuzzy memory of van ride (we didn’t bring a van)
02:45amish – we arrive at a hole in the wall karaoke bar near the band’s hotel
02:46amish – my cell phone is dead, friend drunkenly refuses to lend me his, borrow strangers and call my wife to say we’re not making it home
03:00amish – start chatting with band, they’re awesome, friend sings karaoke with their lead singer
03:30amish – starting to feel sober, order a beer, still have no cigarettes
03:35amish – blank memory
03:45amish – arrive in band’s hotel room
03:50amish – blank memory
03:55amish – find friend in lobby arguing with a front desk clerk about NOTHING, watch him trip and crawl up the stairs
04:00amish – witness acoustic jam session with band, melt with glee, decline a beer (memory filled in by video)
04:30amish – leave hotel and set out on foot to find car
04:45amish – wander aimlessly trying to find car, watch both friends pee in public
04:50amish – blank memory
05:00amish – blank memory
05:05amish – driving to taco bell (peed in public at some point)
05:10amish – friend’s GPS dies trying to find interstate
05:30amish – blank memory
05:45amish – wake up with friends yelling at each other about who got us lost
06:00amish – blank memory
06:05amish – awoken by the bumps on the side of the interstate, friend passed out at the wheel
06:15amish – awoken by the bumps on the side of the interstate again, friend passed out at the wheel again
06:30amish – pull off the interstate to rest
06:50amish – determined to make it home, we reenter the interstate, I assume that I’m going to die, and pass out
07:00amish – blank memory
08:00amish – blank memory
08:40amish – wake up on street in hometown, drive to friend’s house
08:50amish – arrive at friend’s house amazed that I’m alive and go inside
09:00amish – after waiting for a cell phone to charge I call my wife, our first contact since the drunken phone call over 6 hours ago
09:30am – get in wife’s car and she takes me home
02:00pm – wake up on the couch feeling awful, tell previous story to wife

Rough estimates from photographs, fuzzy memories, and video are as follows:

2 packs of cigarettes
6 shots of liquor
48 beers
2.25 hours from home to venue
4.5 hours from venue to home (many wrong turns and pass out sessions)
3 young men
1 hell of a night

Thanks to John Wozniak from Marcy Playground for chilling with us, and humoring what must have been some drunken morons in his hotel room all night. Thanks to “Troy in the plaid shirt” for giving me your cell phone, and thanks to the wonderful waitress who didn’t have the good sense to cut us off.

Fathomless Regression
(the rambler)


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