missing teeth

It’s 6am and I can’t get back to sleep. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out about 21 hours ago. I had horrible pain when my wisdom teeth were in, mainly due to the fact that they were impacted something awful. They were actually under so much pressure that they started breaking. Chunks of them would crack off when I would eat something crunchy. They also moved around all of my other teeth that 3 years of braces had carefully put into place. Many nights I would wake up, literally writhing in pain while in bed. My wife would have to go and get me some pain killers just so I could try to get to sleep. The pain that I”m having now, after the surgery, is nothing compared to that pain. The issue is that I’m STARVING!

nothing more beautiful

not related to the post, but I love this picture


I’m a skinny guy, who normally eats all the time. People always comment on how I’m eating constantly throughout the day, yet I never gain weight. Well, with a schedule like that, a liquid diet is not all that fulfilling. I’ve had soup, and shakes, and I want some damn meat! I want some vegetables. I want something thicker and more filling than this liquid diet that is far too similar to what my 5 month old son is maintaining. 

On the plus, my wife has been taking care of me this whole time which is very comforting. She is a great wife always, but there’s something comforting about someone taking care of you when you’re not well. I’ve also gotten a chance to watch a couple of really good movies. Stepbrothers, which is unbelievably stupid, but somehow clever in its stupidity, and also Closer which is probably the most realistic “love” story I’ve seen in a while. It’s actually based on a play and has the same flow and style of a play. I’d recommend it. If nothing else, it has Clive owen in it, whom I’m becoming addicted to. He still holds the trophy for most romantic line in a movie in my opinion. In “Beyond Borders”, which also stars Angelina Jolie, his character tells her character, “You’re in my heart, you’re in every fucking beat of me.” I don’t know if anyone else digs that line, but I love it. Probably because it sounds like a line I would have wrote, or wish I had wrote, but hadn’t. 

Anyway, tonight a good friend of mine is playing a show, so I do need to get to sleep. I want to make it out there to it. Later on, world wide web.

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