New year, new song

Happy new year to all who might actually be reading this right now. I brought in the new year with my girls as usual, and it was better than ever. I got struck with a song idea earlier tonight so I got to work. I finished it up, and did a quick recording (so quick that there are actually a couple of mistakes in it). 

So I decided that my two new year’s resolutions are to try and be more positive in 2009, and most importantly, try to raise a good son (daughter is carry over from 3 years ago:) ). On the positive one, that doesn’t start until I wake up today so let me point out that I think the jonas brothers, ne-yo, fergie, and kelly pickler are some of the most annoying and unoriginal people I’ve ever seen. 

Hope you all had a great new year’s eve, and here’s to holding out hope for 2009.

Concrete Rose

Fathomless Regression

some pics for ya:


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I am a musician, writer, painter, brother, husband, and father. I have more questions about life than I do answers, and spend the majority of my time exploring the infinite number of possibilities that exist. This is accomplished through my art, music, writing, and most of all through conversation. View all posts by fathomlessregression

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