So he died on Christmas…

Yesterday I found out that my grandfather died on Christmas morning after a battle with cancer. He had already lost a leg, and was stuck in a wheelchair (which I’m sure drove him crazy), and then on Christmas his body gave out. It kind of feels like the end of a dynasty somehow. He began the musical road that my family has travelled, and to have him gone feels kind of strange. I was always under the assumption that I would eventually take my kids out to meet him at his house in the middle of nowhere, but I guess I waited too long for that. It’s unfortunate because meeting him was one hell of an experience. In a way I don’t think he could have picked a better day to die. Everything he did was odd, and seemed like part of a great story we were all telling. He almost seemed like a fictional character. 

I suppose it makes sense that his death is what brought me out of my songwriting lull. Here is the newest song I wrote. The title may seem a bit odd, but here’s a little background. One of the stories that my brother and I have heard time and time again is when my grandfather was a boy and his mom tied him to a chair and whipped him repeatedly. She was extremely crazy, and abused him severely. That probably helped trigger a long chain of events in our family, but maybe not. Who can say? Anyway, that story has always stuck with me, hence the title. 

So anyway, here is my newest song…it’s for my grandpa. I feel like I just finished reading one of the longest and most well written stories of my life, and it’s unfortunate that more people didn’t get a chance to read it.

Grandpa’s Chair


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