It’s FINALLY done!!!


So I’ve been working on a “special project” for several months now and I’ve finally finished. Well to put it more accurately, I’ve stopped working on it. I couldn’t get it to  where I wanted it to be, but I think that’s because I had really high expectations for it. I’ve never really written a song FOR someone, only about someone. So some very vague background, because this is not my story to tell. A coworker’s wife became extremely ill and passed away this year. I never met her, and in all respects I did not know her. But I found her blog one day (weeks before she passed) and became addicted to reading it. The things she said, and her style of writing for some reason really grabbed my attention. Before I knew it I had read every post she had ever written. Then, before I could ever get a chance to meet her, she was gone.

At that time, and still even now, I barely even knew her husband (my coworker) or her awesome son but for some reason the entire situation overcame me and I decided to write a song. The problem arose, how do you write a song for someone you never knew? Then I realized that I just needed to do the same thing I’ve always done, write exactly what comes to mind. No rewrites, no edits, just throw it on paper how I feel it and see it. That’s what I did. I can only hope that she would have liked it, and that it might mean something to her son and husband to know that she was able to touch the life of a person who never knew her. She drove me to do the one thing I’ve never done, write a song for a specific person rather than an intangible thought or general feeling. So here it is, for better or worse, my song for the stranger that I never knew and somehow miss very much.

Flavour Of Spring


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