Where In The World Is A Well Done Documentary?

So I just watched “Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?” the other day with my wife. It’s the newest documentary from Morgan Spurlock (the man behind Supersize Me and 30 Days). I have to say I was quite disappointed. He seems to be taking the same path as Michael Moore. Basically they make a good, well grounded, fact based documentary and then follow it with some ranting film so laced with their own personal beliefs and slant that it’s basically useless as a documentary. Now as a personal commentary on the current state of the world they may have some merit but that’s not what they’re claiming to be. It would be as if I claimed to be writing an autobiography of Abraham Lincoln in this blog. It doesn’t make my blog bad or unentertaining, it just isn’t describing what I’ve actually written. 


So the idea of the movie is that Morgan is about to have a new baby and he’s worried about bringing him into such an unsafe world. Because of this he decides to go on a several month long personal manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. The idea behind this is so stupid and poorly done I was kind of left wondering why the first 30 minutes of this movie existed. It would have been better if the opening scene were of Morgan already in the mideast on his search. Just the idea that he may actually find someone that the entire world can’t, and then somehow bring him down is completely insane and I think it was thought up entirely so they could use Osama Bin Laden’s name in the title. Had they just made a documentary that was covering the opinions and thoughts that people in these middle eastern countries hold, then that would have been okay. But again, that’s not what they’re claiming to do. They’re claiming to be searching for Osama. They actually follow Morgan’s train of thought in the beginning of how he goes from having a baby to wanting to find Osama Bin Laden. The gaps in logic are so severe that you have to wonder if all the Mcdonalds he ate didn’t give him brain damage.


Now there are some interesting nuggets in this movie. He does make some very good connections and illustrate some similarities between those living in the Middle East and those of us in the west. He illustrates how we all have fairly similar goals in the grand scheme of our lives. I appreciate that underlying theme in the movie, but the overall premise of the movie is completely absurd and I was pretty disappointed with it.


The ending definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. He ends up having his baby and in an ending monologue proceeds to say that because he didn’t find Osama and collect the $25,000,000 reward his son is going to “love public school.” What a clever remark, right? No! He idea in the movie was to find Osama to protect his son from future terrorist attacks (Apparently Al-Queda is the only organization committing these attacks). Now all of the sudden he hints that the reward money was a driving force. I was just kind of left with a “What the F*%#?” look on my face when it was over. I’m still wearing it, but hey I love public school.   [there now you can wear it to]


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