My New Tattoo


This weekend, we went camping in our backyard. We built a fire, roasted hot dogs, and made smores, then settled into the tent. It was Nev’s first time sleeping outdoors and she really loved it. A couple of our friends joined us for the semi-rustic event. The only snag was when Nev woke up in the middle of the night and was really confused and scared. I just reminded her where we were and what we were doing and she calmed down. Then she wrapped her arms around me neck and fell asleep. She really is an angel.


Btw, check out pics of my new tattoo. The far left pic is the freehand drawing in marker that would become my tattoo. And before anyone emails me asking what it is, I’ll let you know that it is nothing. I told the guy who did it, to cover my arm and do whatever he wanted. He did this and I’m happy.

from marker to tattoo (left to right)

from marker to tattoo (left to right)


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