My brother’s book

So my brother’s poetry book has been out for a little while now, and my copy just arrived. I’m reading through it and it’s really interesting to see how different our styles of writing are but how similar our tone is. Probably because he was my biggest influence growing up. Anyway, it’s a good read, and worth checking out. It’s called “Too Close for comfort” and is available at amazon, barnes&noble, target, etc.

So I decided to surprise Linz with the new Academy Is album yesterday. She was very excited to get it, but while I was at the store looking for it I came across 5 or 6 other albums that I didn’t even know were out and then of course was faced with the dilemma of which ones do I buy. I of course got linz her’s but none of this is really the point. The point is that my fear of “albums” going away is getting all too real. iTunes is taking over, online distribution is becoming the norm, and as a result music is becoming disposable. It’s almost like albums aren’t being made anymore, it’s just singles. You can go to itunes, get one song and be done with the artist. this of course doesn’t allow you to experience the full depth of any given artist which in turn doesn’t encourage you to buy their future work (unless of course it becomes a popular hit). I, on the other hand, am a listener of the album. I love the experience of buying a new CD, popping it in, listening from start to finish while checking out the lyrics/ablum art, and then thinking back over the full cd as to the real collective meaning.

My prediction is that in less than 10 years time, physical music will go away and it will all be online. This of course is cheaper, better for the environment, and more convenient…EXCEPT, the tangible product of music is a big part of it. Imagine reading Moby Dick without that old library smell to the pages. it’s the same concept. The smell, sight, and touch are a huge part of music for me and for tons of other people out there. We will be screwed when this side of it goes away. Also if we do away with the album, there won’t be anything encouraging the making of an album, only singles. We’ll be trapped ina world that feels that music is a 3 minute art form, instead of an hour, or even more, that also includes a visual aspect found in the artwork/packaging. It’s a sad day for me as a musician and a fanatic of all things audio.

Enjoy your physical copies of the wall, moby dick, Revolver, the bible, etc, because soon iTunes will branch off into iBook, then iBoardgames, iMagazine, iGreetingcard, iEverythingbutThekitchensink. Albums, i will miss thee!


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I am a musician, writer, painter, brother, husband, and father. I have more questions about life than I do answers, and spend the majority of my time exploring the infinite number of possibilities that exist. This is accomplished through my art, music, writing, and most of all through conversation. View all posts by fathomlessregression

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