new poetry????

Could it be? Why yes it could. I’ve taken quite the break from writing poetry but now I return to it, for better or worse. Here is my newest venture…enjoy!


In a lack of space, with a lack of shapes

In a bottomless place with infinite walls

No beams of light playing with shades of gray

No texture to crunch beneath soul worn shoes

There are wrinkled fingers, gripping ink pens

Scratching phrases into the dead skin of trees

Each scrawling line becomes a wet image

A letter, a word, a sentence, a story

Page after perfect page drift to the floor

To replace oil stained boards and torn up rugs

Hidden somewhere in margins of pages

Are shapes to form letters to not be read

Letters to words, words in a book to tell

Stories never known, stories never lived

Another scrape of a drying ink pen

A final perfect page to cover this floor.


About fathomlessregression

I am a musician, writer, painter, brother, husband, and father. I have more questions about life than I do answers, and spend the majority of my time exploring the infinite number of possibilities that exist. This is accomplished through my art, music, writing, and most of all through conversation. View all posts by fathomlessregression

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